Organizational Models

Business Studio, as the design/modeling environment for composite model-driven process applications, now supports five model types: process, page flow, organizational, data and form. Organizational models are considered a key starting point: an organizational model becomes a functional overlay on your corporate LDAP, and can include multiple organizations such as trading partners in order to define organizational scope during runtime. Metadata is defined on a per-organization level, which can be used to partition able to be seen information if people from multiple organizations contribute in a process at runtime.
Busines Studio organization model privileges assigned to positionOrganizational models allow you to define Positions, which represent roles that can be used for work assignment in a process, e.g., all CSRs or all Life CSRs in the insurance claims scenario that’s provided as their sample organizational model. A position can include capabilities such as language skills, and privileges such as ability to authorize claims, scoped to an organization and assigned at an instance level to a process model. You can also define groups, e.g., Managers, and assign capabilities and privileges with groups, as well as access to system actions. Resources in the organization model can be mapped to LDAP attributes at runtime using queries. Later, during process modeling, positions are used to assign participants to a step in a process model, and to perform capability-based routing.
On the end-user side, the model appears in the Organization Browser within the ActiveMatrix Workspace if the user has permissions to see this: an admin, for example, might be able to see all of the organization models for multiple organizations, see the participants that are part of any position, and view or create the queries that bind the resources from the underlying LDAP. A normal user may see only their own organization’s structure, without the ability to modify the participants in a place or any other resources.
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